The easy self-hosted expense tracker



SpendSpentSpent makes it quick and easy to track one's expenses. Add a category, tap on it and that's it.

Add your location, a note or even convert from different currencies your expense for more control.

Recurring expenses

You can also easily add recurring expenses, so you don't need to think of adding that Spotify subscription every month.


Keep track of your day-to-day expense and get all the information you need.


See how much you spent for each category for the past months or years.

Host it yourself

Spend Spent Spent is easy to run. Go on GitHub for more details

docker run -t -v "/path/to/your/save-folder:/config" -v "/etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro" -e "SALT=somerandomstring" -p "9001:9001" gonzague/spendspentspent

Use it anywhere

SpentSpendSpent is available on Android, you can also just run it on the web.